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A Selection Of Acquisitions 

Hornet Corporation & Affilates has diligently engaged in negotiations with numerous landowners across the Appalachian Basin. Our persistent efforts have secured thousands of acres of mineral rights under the lease, facilitating the ongoing development of oil and gas. Additionally, by capitalizing on emerging opportunities, we have demonstrated assertiveness in acquiring pivotal oil and gas assets from various organizations over the years. 

The Ferguson

Ferguson Brothers Lease, located in the Albany Quadrangle of Clinton County, Kentucky.  This is a series of large tracts of land consisting of several hundred acres. The world-famous discovery well, permit #102112,, came in flowing at rates between 150 and 400 barrels per hour. According to the Kentucky Geological Survey, this well-produced over 150,000 barrels of oil in the first eight weeks.  An amazing $12,000,000 at $80 oil prices. The Ferguson Brothers Lease has had several other excellent producers. The better wells, including the discovery well, produced oil from the Murfreesboro and Stones River Formations. Additional wells have produced oil from the Wells Creek and the Knox Formations. 

The Sells and Hoover leases are located in the Alpine Quadrangle of Overton County, Tennessee, in between the WIrmingham, Rocky Ridge, Riverton, and Black Hollow Oil Fields. These leases lay adjacent to the West Fork of the Obey River which feeds into Dale Hollow Lake (home of the world record smallmouth bass). These leases have had several wells which have produced between seven to eleven thousand barrels, some of which are still producing.  Most produce from the Sunnybrook Formation, although wells had shows of oil in other zones, including the Stones River.

The Sells

The Hill


The Hill Lease is located in the Moodyville Quadrangle of Pickett County, Tennessee. The Hill is a large lease containing several hundred acres. The Hill #4, permit #8140, has produced over 50,000 barrels from the Murfreesboro Formation. Interestingly, the Hill never produced more than 25 barrels per day and is still a solid producer. The large tract is still held by production and has been divided into smaller parcels.

The Thrasher Lease contains 340+ acres. This large lease is just to the north of the Wayne Brown #3 well (274,000+ Barrels) and the Miller Mountain Oil Field which contains many oil wells.  To the north are Hornet’s Donnie Ray and TJ Hensley Leases. Both have had significant oil discoveries by Hornet and are still producing. The Thrasher Lease had one of, if not the largest, gas wells in Overton County. The well tested out at over 500 PSI.  In addition, the Thrasher lease has several oil wells producing from the Fort Payne Formation. Other wells on the lease had shows of oil from varying formations. 

The Thrasher


The Amonette

The Everett Russell Lease is located in the Moodyville Quadrangle of Pickett County, Tennessee. The Russell #1 has now produced in excess of 24,000 barrels of oil from the Ordovician Knox Formation.

The Russell


The Gray

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