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Hornet Corporation is proud to be led by a dynamic and accomplished leadership team that brings extensive experience and expertise to the forefront of the company's operations. At the helm is G.A. Murrell, the CEO, whose distinguished career and unwavering commitment to responsible resource development define the company's vision. With a profound understanding of the oil and gas industry, Murrell is dedicated to steering Hornet Corporation toward discovering substantial domestic oil reserves. Working in tandem with Murrell is Ron Filer, the COO, whose operational prowess ensures the seamless execution of the company's strategies and initiatives. Filer's extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in oil and gas exploration and development makes him an invaluable asset to the team. His focus on operational excellence is instrumental in driving Hornet Corporation's success. Together, Murrell and Filer spearhead Hornet Corporation with a shared dedication to innovation, sustainability, and growth within the oil and gas exploration industry. Their collaborative leadership approach and strategic vision position Hornet Corporation for continued achievements and a promising future in the energy sector.


Hornet Corporation's journey, deeply rooted in the rich Appalachian Basin, began with a vision that has since transformed into a remarkable legacy in the oil and gas industry. Our mission, shaped by the rugged and resource-rich landscapes of Tennessee and Kentucky, was to emerge as a leader in the regional energy sector. The company's inception was a testament to a dream, driven by a commitment to not only succeed but to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Under the visionary guidance of CEO G.A. Murrell, Hornet Corporation has carved a niche in the competitive world of energy. Murrell, a figure synonymous with innovation and resilience in the industry, is widely acclaimed for his contributions and was fittingly honored with the prestigious "Boom Maker" title by the Tennessee Oil and Gas Association. His leadership has been a guiding light in the company's pursuit of excellence.

Complementing Murrell's expertise is the operational prowess of COO Ron Filer, a seasoned professional with a rich history in the energy sector. Filer's journey, from his early days in Pennsylvania to his influential role at Hornet, is marked by a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics and an unrelenting focus on sustainable practices. His strategic decisions have been pivotal in steering the company through the evolving landscapes of Tennessee and Kentucky's oil fields.

The company's strategy has been characterized by aggressive expansion and smart acquisitions. Significant oil wells, drilled across various counties in Tennessee, stand as a testament to Hornet's commitment to growth and exploration. These ventures not only demonstrate our capability in lease development but also highlight our dedication to harnessing the potential of local resources.

Our approach is hands-on and quality-driven, setting us apart in an industry often marred by transient interests. This ethos is mirrored in our projects in Kentucky as well, where we tap into the state's untapped reservoirs, bringing to the fore the untold stories of energy lying beneath its lands.

As we continue to shape the future of the oil and gas industry, we invite you to join us in this journey. Explore opportunities with Hornet Corporation and become part of a history that's not just about extracting resources but about building a legacy of sustainable and responsible energy exploration. Contact us today and be a part of our continuing story, a story that’s as much about the richness of the Appalachian Basin as it is about the people who work tirelessly to unlock its potential.


Hornet Corporation has established itself as a paragon of excellence and steadfast dedication in the oil and gas industry, profoundly impacting not only its partners and investors but also the communities it serves. Nestled in the rich landscapes of the Appalachian Basin, Hornet is more than an energy company; it is a powerful force in domestic energy production, adeptly unlocking the untapped potential of natural resources.

Rooted in principles of integrity, innovation, and sustainable growth, Hornet's mission goes beyond resource extraction. This company stands as a testament to ethical business practices and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Its approach to creating lasting value for stakeholders is marked by a consistent alignment with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Central to Hornet's ethos is the cultivation of strong partnerships and an empowering work culture. The company champions a collective effort ethos, where every team member, from leadership to field workers, contributes significantly to the shared vision. The dedication and hard work of its team are the foundational pillars supporting Hornet's ambitious endeavors.

Guided by visionary leadership, Hornet Corporation is on a steadfast path of expansion and growth. The company sets industry benchmarks in quality and safety, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative methods in its operations across Tennessee and Kentucky's lucrative oil fields.

Hornet's role in contributing to the nation's energy independence is both a source of pride and a profound responsibility. The company's operations have far-reaching implications, extending beyond immediate business interests. Hornet is committed to outstanding performance, resonating through the wider energy landscape.

As Hornet Corporation forges ahead, its focus on harnessing oil and gas's power is matched by an exploration of sustainable practices for a brighter energy future. The company stands as a catalyst for progress, a pioneer in ethical energy exploration, and a harbinger of a new era in oil and gas production. Hornet's clear mission is to fuel success, one well at a time, while responsibly stewarding the earth's resources. In their journey, they continue to shape the narrative of energy history, driving innovation and progress in every endeavor.

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