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Meet the team propelling Hornet Corporation to the forefront of the energy sector. Our CEO, a visionary leader, is committed to sustainable resource development and guides the company with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. His strategic approach is instrumental in uncovering substantial domestic oil reserves. Collaborating closely with him is our COO, whose operational excellence and deep understanding of oil and gas exploration and development are invaluable. Their dynamic leadership fosters innovation and growth, ensuring continued achievements and a promising future in the oil and gas exploration industry.


GA Murrell

G.A. Murrell, a Metcalfe County, Kentucky native, is not just the CEO of Hornet Corporation but a visionary leader in the energy sector. His dedication to family values is deeply ingrained, and he leads Hornet as a family-owned and operated business, alongside his wife, Kimberly Murrell, and their three children. The Murrell family's commitment to responsible resource development forms the bedrock of Hornet Corporation's mission, solidifying its status as a thriving enterprise rooted in family, community, and innovation.

Amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, when supplies were running scarce and some companies were shutting down, G.A. Murrell displayed remarkable resilience. He spearheaded the development of Hornet Corp's supply yard, reinforcing the company's commitment to vertical integration. Murrell's strategic investments during tough times underscored his dedication to the company, staff, and future growth.

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Beyond his impressive accolades, including the Boom Maker award, G.A. Murrell is renowned for his unwavering pursuit of aggressive domestic oil developments, furthering the energy resources of the United States. His approach is characterized by meticulous planning that preserves wildlife ecosystems and the environment around Hornet Corp's leases. It's a testament to the company's ethos that when Hornet leaves a lease, it's in better condition than when they acquired it.

G.A. Murrell and Hornet Corporation have demonstrated resilience during challenging periods, including the 08-09 financial downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when oil prices plummeted to $30 per barrel, Hornet's robust foundation and project structures enabled them to generate profits, showcasing their ability to thrive in a dynamic market landscape.

G.A. Murrell's journey from his roots in Metcalfe County, Kentucky, to the helm of Hornet Corporation exemplifies not only his leadership in the energy sector but also his unwavering commitment to family, community, and innovation. His resilience in the face of adversity, strategic vision for responsible resource development, and dedication to preserving the environment set a remarkable standard for the industry. Under Murrell's guidance, Hornet Corporation continues to soar to new heights, proving that with the right values and determination, success knows no bounds. As we look to the future, G.A. Murrell's legacy as a visionary leader in energy remains an enduring source of inspiration.


Ronald C. Filer

Ronald's journey, originating from the industrious landscapes of Pennsylvania, is a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment. His transition to Florida in the '80s, following the transformation of the steel industry, was a formative period that culminated in his impactful education at Pensacola Christian College.

Ronald’s career began at Woolworth Corporation, where he honed his exceptional skills in client relations and communication. These skills became the bedrock of his professional ethos and paved the way for his remarkable 20-year journey in the energy sector, specifically in oil and gas.

Joining forces with Alan Murrell to shape Hornet Corporation 16 years ago marked a significant chapter in Ronald’s career. Embracing Alan's visionary foresight, Ronald has been instrumental in cultivating a growth-centric and ethically driven environment at Hornet Corporation. His leadership has been a catalyst for the company’s sustained growth and resilience, underscoring his belief in the lasting impact of the energy industry.

Ronald’s life, however, extends beyond his corporate achievements. He is the heart of a large and loving family, guiding and nurturing his eight children and three grandchildren. He instills in them the same values of hard work, integrity, and commitment that have guided his own path.

Looking towards the future with optimism, Ronald embodies the spirit of collaborative success and innovation. He is not only a strategic leader but also a nurturer of relationships and a custodian of legacy. Ronald C. Filer Jr. stands as a pillar of Hornet Corporation, continually steering the company to excel and innovate in the ever-evolving energy landscape.


Ronald C. Filer Jr., as the Chief Operating Officer of Hornet Corporation, places immense emphasis on nurturing and strengthening relationships with partners. His approach is centered on creating and cultivating lasting partnerships, built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and shared goals. Ronald's vision extends beyond mere transactions; he sees each partnership as a collaborative journey towards sustained growth and success. His commitment to understanding and aligning with partners' needs and aspirations is a testament to his foresight and dedication to not just the present, but the prosperous years ahead. In Ronald's ethos, every partner is integral to Hornet Corporation's continued legacy and triumph in the energy sector.


Greg Parnrll


Jim Washburn

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