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Private Placement Disclaimer

Last Updated: 01/01/2024

Investors and prospective participants are hereby informed of the distinctive character inherent in specific investment opportunities proffered by Hornet Corp, which are duly classified as private placements. Private placements constitute investments in securities that are not publicly traded and are invariably subject to the nuanced and bespoke regulatory and legal considerations that distinguish them within the realm of financial markets. Our aim is to furnish you with a comprehensive appreciation of private placements and the requisite factors that demand scrupulous due diligence when contemplating involvement in such investments.

Salient Considerations Regarding Private Placements:

Limited Liquidity: It is imperative to appreciate that investments in private placements may evince a condition of limited liquidity. In essence, this signifies that these investments are not amenable to facile transactions within the open market. Consequently, opportunities for the acquisition or disposition of your investment may be curtailed until predefined conditions are duly met. Investors are thus advised to prepare for a potentially protracted investment horizon.

Disclosure and Risk Factors: Engagement in private placements invariably entails the presentation of comprehensive offering documents and disclosures. These documents are painstakingly curated to furnish investors with an intricate comprehension of the terms, perils, and potential returns associated with the investment. In the interest of prudent decision-making, we ardently advocate that investors engage in meticulous scrutiny of these documents and, if deemed necessary, seek guidance from credentialed financial professionals to secure an all-encompassing grasp of the intricacies pertaining to the investment.

Eligibility and Accreditation: The participation of prospective investors in certain private placements may be predicated upon adherence to particular eligibility criteria, most notably the attainment of accredited investor status. It is incumbent upon prospective participants to diligently ascertain that they meet the stipulated qualifications prior to embarking upon such investments. It is of added import to convey that Hornet Corp diligently employs third-party verification mechanisms to authenticate the accredited investor status of participants. This meticulous verification process serves to fortify the probity and regulatory conformity of our investment offerings.

Regulatory Compliance: The conduct of private placements is governed by the pertinent securities laws and regulatory frameworks. Hornet Corp stands resolutely committed to executing all private placements showcased on this platform in unwavering accordance with the prevailing regulatory mandates. Our paramount concern is to exemplify the quintessential principles of transparency, accountability, and strict adherence to legal precepts in all our investment endeavors.


Long-Term Commitment: Investors are admonished to maintain an acute awareness of the enduring commitment often inherent in private placements. The realization of returns may be contingent upon project-specific timelines and conditions that dictate the temporal dynamics of the investment. Consequently, it is imperative that investors engage in a circumspect evaluation of their investment horizon and objectives.

Hornet Corp extends an earnest invitation to all users and prospective investors to contemplate these considerations painstakingly before entertaining any notions of engagement in private placement opportunities. We proffer an emphatic emphasis on the inestimable importance of conducting methodical due diligence, undertaking a judicious assessment of one's risk tolerance, and availing oneself of the counsel of seasoned financial professionals as the linchpin to sound investment decisions.

It is of paramount significance to underscore that while private placements may proffer the allure of potential benefits, they are by no means impervious to risks. Moreover, the retrospection of historical performance should be viewed not as an unequivocal harbinger of future outcomes. Through the issuance of this Private Placement Disclaimer, our overarching objective is to inculcate a profound cognizance of the idiosyncratic attributes of private placements and to accentuate the pivotal role played by wise and thoroughly informed investment choices.


Hornet Corp remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the superlative standards of transparency, legality, and compliance in all facets of our investment offerings. Should you be in need of elucidation or additional information pertaining to private placements or our accredited investor verification protocols, we extend a cordial invitation to reach out to:

Hornet Corporation

111 Imperial Blvd, Hendersonville, TN 37075 Email: Phone: (888) 783-3099

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