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Step into a blend of performance and sustainability with the Black and Gold Adidas Hornet Gear eco-friendly pullover. Designed for the Hornet Corp family who values both style and environmental responsibility, this pullover is a testament to what modern apparel can achieve. Made entirely from 100% recycled polyester, it doesn’t just wear well—it champions the cause for a healthier planet. Its lightweight build and sweat-wicking capabilities ensure you remain cool and dry, whether you're in the midst of action or navigating your day-to-day. The addition of UPF 50+ protection and a hydrophilic finish means you're shielded and comfortable in any setting. With its standout contrast color Adidas logo on the left sleeve, this pullover is more than just clothing; it's a statement of your commitment to excellence and sustainability.

• Engineered from 100% recycled polyester, promoting environmental stewardship
• Regular fit for comfort and ease of movement
• Features a self-mock collar, bottom hem, and cuffs for a refined finish
• UPF 50+ protection guards against harmful UV rays
• Hydrophilic finish ensures you stay dry and comfortable
• Adorned with a contrast color Adidas logo on the left sleeve, adding a touch of prestige

Men's Addidas Black & Gold Quarter zip pullover

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