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Hornet Corp excels in domestic oil drilling within the United States. We actively participate in industry events like the World Money Show, FreedomFest, and Mines and Money conferences, in addition to hosting professional webinars where we discuss current opportunities and tax benefits. Stay informed about our dynamic domestic oil drilling operations by joining us at these events.



Ron Filer, our accomplished COO at Hornet Corp, leads our informative webinars, offering invaluable insights into various facets of our operations. Specifically, Ron delves into the intricacies of oil production within the Appalachian Basin while shedding light on the substantial tax benefits associated with partnering with Hornet Corp. Furthermore, he elaborates on the key qualities we seek in potential partners - qualities such as transparency, reliability, and a shared commitment to sustainable energy practices. To stay informed and participate in our next webinar hosted by Ron Filer, click below to RSVP and explore the possibilities of a mutually beneficial partnership with Hornet Corp.



APRIL 10-12 2024

Hornet Corp is thrilled to announce our presence at this exclusive conference in Florida's dynamic financial capital. Our Chief Operating Officer, Ron Filer, will be in attendance, bringing his extensive expertise in the oil and gas industry to the event. By clicking below to RSVP, you can secure a unique opportunity to speak with Ron Filer, a true oil and gas expert, and gain valuable insights into our operations, including the significant tax benefits that come with partnering with Hornet Corp. Don't miss this chance to connect with us at the conference and explore how Hornet Corp can help you navigate the dynamic landscape of energy investments. Join us and discover new growth opportunities in the field of domestic oil drilling.

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February 22-23 2024

Mines and Money Miami, slated for February 22 and 23 at the James L. Knight Centre in Downtown Miami, promises to be an exceptional gathering for industry professionals. With over 600 attendees representing 100+ mining companies, 300+ investors, financial institutions, tech firms, and consultants, this event serves as a critical nexus for the mining and resources sector. As seen in previous webinars with Mines and Money, Hornet Corp's COO, Ron Filer, an oil and gas expert, will grace the occasion, sharing invaluable insights about the industry, including the substantial tax benefits associated with investing in oil. Don't miss the opportunity to network in breathtaking venues, engage in high-level discussions led by influential thought leaders, and explore lucrative business relationships that can shape your success in 2024 and beyond. Join us at Mines and Money Miami for a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

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