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Hornet Corporation is a company as steadfast and enduring as the Appalachian Mountains. At Hornet Corp, we're not just a business but a beacon of growth and innovation in the oil and gas sector. Our aspiration is clear: to be a dominant force in the Appalachian Basin's oil and gas industry and a formidable partner on the national stage. 

“Our constant goal is to keep the

drill bit turning to the right….
Come turn Right With Us”


Our foundation is built on a simple yet profound belief: strength comes from our dedicated team and partners like you. Led by our CEO, G.A. Murrell, honored as the "Boom Maker" by the Tennessee Oil and Gas Association, we are fueled by the tenacity and hard work that are hallmarks of Tennessee's oilmen. Our team's commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our successes in striking oil in various Tennessee counties are a testament to this dedication.


Our expansion strategy is a blend of nurturing existing leases and strategically acquiring new ones, thereby cementing our influence in the industry. At Hornet Corp, we pride ourselves on our vertically integrated approach. Managing every aspect of our operations, from identification and leasing to drilling, completion, and pumping, we ensure that each stage is executed with precision and excellence.


Contact Us

111 Imperial Blvd

Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075


Hornet Corporation has an open-door policy for both existing partners and potential partners to view our operations. Come by and see us for coffee and a trip to the oil patch! 

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