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     Hornet Corporation is a company built on a solid rock foundation like the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we were founded. We are dedicated to growth and to becoming not only a dominant Tennessee oil and gas developer, but a great national partner in oil and gas. As we grow, we are looking for select oil investors and partners to help us to reach our vision. We believe our firm is not only as good as the people we employ, but also our partners who back us. 


   Hornet Corporation announced here today that it has expanded its operation into a new, larger corporate headquarters building here. "Our growing oil well drilling and production operations motivated us to acquire a suitable office building near our old office," said Alan Murrell, CEO, Hornet. "We bought a 5,200 square foot shell building, which was great because it allowed us to build it out and finish the interior to...[more]


Hornet Corp,  an oil and gas exploration, development and production firm based in Tennessee, has recently drilled in two oil wells, in two different Tennessee counties, one with initial production (IPs) of 60 barrels of oil a day and one that flowed 300 barrels of oil after stimulation.

"We are obviously expanding our area of operations by developing existing leases and acquiring new leases", said G.A. Murrell, President, Hornet Corporation, explaining his company's success in both


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