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investing in oil and gas
Hornet Oil and Gas Corp


Left: Jim Washburn (Geologist)

Right: Alan Murrell CEO-Hornet Corporations


Oil Boom Maker Award 

oil investments in TN

Wayne Brown Lease 


Largest producing oil lease in the State Of Tennessee

Tn oil and gas plays

Ferguson Brothers Lease


The largest producing oil lease in the State Of Kentucky 


Tennesse oil developments

     Hornet Corporation is a company built on a solid rock foundation like the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we were founded. We are dedicated to the growth and to becoming a dominant oil and gas developer. As we grow, we are looking for select partners to help us to reach our vision. We believe our firm is not only as good as the people we employ, but also our partners who back us. We have...[more] 

     Hornet Corp CEO, Alan Murrell, received the first Muddy Boots award as the “Boom Maker”, by the Tennessee Oil & Gas Association at its 41st annual convention in Gatlinburg, TN. In presenting the award, TOGA Director, Jim Washburn, said Murrell exemplifies a Tennessee oilman willing to get his boots muddy to succeed. One of the reasons Murrell received the 2014 Boom Maker award is because of the Tennessee Division...[more

   Hornet Corporation announced here today that it has expanded its operation into a new, larger corporate headquarters building here. "Our growing oil well drilling and production operations motivated us to acquire a suitable office building near our old office," said Alan Murrell, CEO, Hornet. "We bought a 5,200 square foot shell building, which was great because it allowed us to build it out and finish the interior to...[more]

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investing in oil and gas

Hornet leads the resurgence of Appalachian  oil development

"We are developing the two top producing oil leases in Kentucky and Tennessee"

Hornet Corp:

Hits Two Big Wells In Two Different Counties in Tennessee

oil and gas drillers in Tennessee

Hornet Corp Headquarters

111 Imperial Blvd


Hendersonville, TN 37075

Hornet Corporation, an oil and gas exploration, development and production firm based here, has recently drilled in two oil wells, in two different Tennessee counties, one with initial production (IPs) of 60 barrels of oil a day and one that flowed 300 barrels of oil after stimulation.


"We are obviously expanding our area of operations by developing existing leases and acquiring new leases", said G.A. Murrell, President, Hornet Corporation, explaining his company's success in both Overton and Fentress Counties.



The Brown #1, Permit #12894 is located in Overton County on Section 25, 1S-51.  The new well, on the recently acquired Brown lease, is producing 60 barrels of oil a day from a depth of fewer than 2,000 feet from an Ordovician formation. The well blew out 40 barrels of oil during drilling.


"We acquired the Brown lease earlier this year because it is one of the best oil production leases in the state, with stacked oil producing formations, similar to the Permian Basin," Murrell added.

"One of the wells in the Brown lease was drilled to a total depth of 1557 feet in 1994 and made more than 274,000 barrels of oil, with a value in excess of $13 million in today's oil prices," Murrell continued, "and it did not even penetrate Middle Ordovician Murfreesboro and Wells Creek formations, nor the lower Knox Dolomite, which has been producing formations in this area."


This is a 240 plus acre lease and we have staked several additional locations that will allow us to test these additional formations and have every reason to believe many could be as good, or better, that we recently drilled Brown #1," Murrell concluded.


Murrell noted that while developing the Brown lease, Hornet has also been acquiring and drilling additional leases in the adjacent county to the north. Several of these leases have been productive. The Smith-Green Unit #1, Permit 12895, drilled in the Red Hill Oil field, near Wolf River, initially flowed 300 barrels of oil with 24-hours after an acid stimulation.

"We have delineated several other drilling prospects in our area of interest in Tennessee that have the same geological characteristics as the Smith-Green unit," Murrell said​

While we are pleased with our success on Brown lease in Overton County and the Smith and Green leases in Fentress counties, we continue to increase our lease position so we can continue our successful drilling program," he added.


Murrell and Hornet Corporation earned national attention when Murrell received the 2014 Oil Boom Maker Award from the Tennessee Oil & Gas Association. "We believe with our recent drilling success and our chances for more big wells this year, we may be well on our way to earning another 'Boom Maker' award", Murrell predicted.

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investing in oil and gas

we are intensifying leasing programs to take full advantage of increasing oil prices


The Owner of the largest oil lease in TN & KY

"Hornet now owns and operates what are considered the two most productive oil and gas leases in the two states"

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hornet Corporation, an oil and gas exploration, development and production firm based here, announced today it has acquired the Ferguson Brothers oil and gas lease in Clinton County, Kentucky, and plans an aggressive drilling program on the lease that is the site of a well that produced 150,000 barrels in eight weeks.

 "With the acquisition of the Ferguson Brothers lease in Kentucky and our recently acquired Brown lease in Tennessee, Hornet now owns and operates what are considered the two most productive oil and gas leases in the two states," said G.A. Murrell, President, Hornet Corporation.

In 1990, when a 3 barrel a day vertical well on the Ferguson lease was deepened 28 feet to 1,008 ft. in the fractured Middle Ordovician Stones River, it began flowing oil with an estimated IP of 3,500 barrels per day.  With no production tanks in place, the well flowed directly into transport trucks, with as many as five serving the well.


ask us about our Ferguson brothers project

111 Imperial Blvd


Hendersonville, TN 37204

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investing in oil and gas
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