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Boom Maker Award

Hornet Corp wins Tennessee Oil and Gas Association 2014 Award

Hornet Corp CEO, Alan Murrell, today received the first Muddy Boots award as the “2014 Boom Maker”, by the Tennessee Oil & Gas Association at its 41th annual convention in Gatlinburg, TN.

In presenting the award, TOGA Director, Jim Washburn, said Murrell exemplifies a Tennessee oilman willing to get his boots muddy to succeed.

One of the reasons Murrell received the 2014 Boom Maker award is because the Tennessee Division of Environment and Conservation named Hornet Corporation’s Donnie Ray #1, the state’s largest producing oil well for 2014.

“Alan’s aggressive activity in the oil patch, his successful wells in 2013 and 2014, particularly the Ray #1, the state’s best well in 2014, has created a drilling boom in north central Tennessee.”

In accepting the award, Murrell credited his team for helping win the award, “The 2014 Boom Maker trophy has my name on it because there is not enough room to list my wife Kim, and all the Hornet Corp employees and contractors, who got their boots muddy right alongside me day and night.” Murrell said.

“We are proud of our past success and we are already looking for even bigger wells this year. We have some great prospects and promise we will do everything in our power to be worthy of this honor the Tennessee Oil & Gas Association has bestowed upon us.” He added.



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