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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Everything In Oil & Gas

Oil is – and will always be – big business. It is the most traded commodity around the world and is considered the most important industry for several countries, particularly in the Middle East. The oil industry underwent a massive collapse of prices in 2014 and now many major players in Big Oil are considering making the jump to Lean Oil production to better maximize their returns through more cost-effective gathering procedures. However, as the oil industry as a whole realizes how important it is to continue expanding and change strategies, it’s recommended that oil companies consider using new technologies – such as cloud computing – to power these changes.

Many people might raise an eyebrow at the mere mention of making cloud computing a part of the oil industry. The reality is that cloud computing could help these oil companies to eliminate the inefficiencies within their current operating practices. Outside of an increased productivity and speed and the decreased costs of I.T, there are several benefits that come from integrating cloud computing with the oil industry. Here’s how cloud computing will transform the oil industry.

Better Collaboration

Given how much the industry has expanded – and continues to expand – and the increased need for mobility, having a technology-based infrastructure that offers real-time data is an important part of success for the oil industry. Cloud computing lays the groundwork for better collaboration between employees and organizations. Having quick access to important data also reduces the time needed to come to a decision and deal with data-related problems.

“Green” Operations

Cloud computing presents an increase in efficiency. This opens the door to more energy-saving procedures. With a cut in energy consumption comes an overall cut in carbon footprint. Oil companies that adopt cloud computing can be proud to have created and practiced greener operations for their company.

Improved Data Storage and Security

The oil and gas industry handles a massive amount of data. The easiest and most effective way to meet the storage needs for the oil industry is through cloud computing. Cloud computing also ensures the protection of data against disaster situations and it comes with increased security to eliminate the chances of data breaches. Cloud computing also helps control access to data and makes the whole process more efficient while still improving overall data security.

Better Speeds

Given the need to process and analyze data and have constant access to data whenever and wherever needed, businesses need to have an I.T solution that offers speed. Every business needs to focus on reducing downtime and the best way to do that is through cloud computing.

Overall, cloud computing allows Big Oil companies to transition to Lean Oil production smoothly and effectively. Everyone in the oil and gas industry should enjoy what cloud computing has to offer, and get access to faster and more flexible operations through the technology sector. By taking the time to adopt cloud computing today, oil and gas companies could gain an advantage over the competition through increased efficiency and productivity.



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