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Red Hill Oil Field

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn., Jul. 10, 2015 :

Hornet Corporation announced here today it has drilled an oil well with 40 barrels a day IP (initial production) in the Red Hill Oil Field in Fentress County, Tennessee.📷

The Stover #1 located in the Moodyville Quad is producing from the Murfreesboro formation at a depth of less than 2,000 ft.

Earlier this year Murrell was presented the Tennessee Oil & Gas Association “ Muddy Boots” Award and was labeled the associations “2014 Boom Maker.

We received the award for having drilled the highest producing well in the state for 2014 and we promised to try to do it again this year. This new well may not create an oil boom in the area, but it is off to a good start,” he added.

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